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Manhattan Paper Shredding’s mission is to help businesses and homes get secure and cost-effective shredding services in NYC. Security specialists help you match your volume, security requirements, budget, and service requirements. You get the right service for any shredding need, no matter how big or small.

About Manhattan Paper Shredding

Manhattan Paper Shredding connects you to several shredding services to go beyond your security requirements and always at reasonable rates.

Manhattan Paper Shredding will connect you with the best NYC shredding service options across New York State. The right shredding solution is a mix of security, convenience, and price. Don’t settle for just any NYC shredding service. Make sure you are getting the right service.

Why You Need A Certificate of Destruction in NYC: Shredding your old business documents is a necessary action to prevent identity theft and fraud. When you use a shredding service, make sure they provide you with a hard copy confirmation of their services. This ensures that the paper shredding job was done right, and will help keep you safe in the event of legal issues.

Manhattan Paper Shredding will set you up with the best shredding service for your business needs. Depending on your volume, location and your security needs, we will pair you with the most comprehensive and affordable shredding service in New York.

To learn more about the available services at Manhattan Paper Shredding, give us a call at (646) 553-1634or request a FREE quote today!
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Manhattan Paper Shredding Services

On Site Shredding

Shred trucks come to your Manhattan business or home and shred your confidential materials at your site. You can watch the entire process.

Off Site Shredding

Paper is picked up at your location and taken to a secure shredding plant in New York. A great option for larger jobs to save money.

Hard Drive Shredding

Magnetic media including hard drives are physically destroyed and the pieces are melted down for metal recycling.

Document Scanning

Our professional partners scan and index thousands of documents quickly and efficiently. We can even shred the documents once they’ve been scanned.

Shredding Service Options in Manhattan

  • Ongoing Service – Weekly, monthly and quarterly scheduled shredding services. Our Manhattan contractors provide locked bins for you to place your documents in and regularly stop by your location to shred the contents.
  • Purge Service – Annual, one-time, or occasional shredding services. A driver stops by your location once to shred the items you’ve collected. Costs are calculated based on volume.